The Global Parliamentarians Network is a worldwide organization of Congressmen who promote universal and free access to COVID 19 vaccines all around the world, in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic affecting millions of people in all the continents.

The Network is based on the commitment of its members to implement a Global Agenda for the access of all countries to COVID 19 vaccines on a more equal basis, without discrimination based on income, political principles or social conditions, a solidarity network that prioritizes health and works to save as many lives as possible.

Members of the Global Parliamentarians Network share solutions and best practices, coordinate their actions with governments, non-governmental organizations and civil society as a whole.

The Global Network works with the representatives of all towns and cities to strengthen democracy, equity and the well-being of all nations around the world.

Congressmen declare that Covid 19 vaccines should be global public goods and the heritage of all nations of the world with the primary goal of saving the greatest number of human lives.

Congressmen are pushing for the release of Covid 19 vaccine patents, exempting them from intellectual property rights, industrial designs and trade secrets, until group immunity is achieved on a global scale.

Congressmen urge the pharmaceutical industries to promote the production of vaccines associatively in emerging countries, tranferring technology and inputs.

Congressmen encourage all governments to support this proporsal to ensure that the health and lives of people around the world are prioritized.

Congressmen promote initiatives, policy proposals and actions to establish a national and international agenda for equitable distribution and universal access to existing Covid 19 vaccines.